Monthly Website Care Plan

Your site is up running. It generates revenue, attracts and captures leads, and allows you to engage with your audience. In order for it to keep functioning, it needs good care and regular maintenance.

What keeps the site running is essentially a piece of software, which requires updates from time to time. If you are ignoring to regularly apply these updates, you expose your site to security breach, malware, hackers and risk of being compromised. However, you have millions of things to be concerned about and to take care. So, let us be your IT department that ensures your website to run smoothly and securely.

Activities Included in the Plan:

  • Regular updates to WordPress, plugins, theme and ensure the updates are compatible with other installs on the site
  • Regular backups of your website, and store the updates in the Cloud
  • Regular clean up of unused plugins on the site to keep a lean and clean site
  • Security monitoring and Spam Detection
  • Site downtime notification
  • 1 hour of web work per month*

* you can use this 1 hour however you want (e.g. CSS adjustment, small functionality development). Unused time can’t be carried forward to the next month. Each month you get a fresh new 1 hour. Additional hours can be purchased at our hourly rate.


Regular working days are Monday through Friday, for general web work. If a client has an emergency with their website, we will try our best to assist. However, we don’t guarantee 24/7 emergency support.

General non-emergency web work will follow our regular workflow, and will have an average 1-3 day turnaround. For web work that exceeds the 1 hour a month, the client will be billed at our hourly rate, in quarter-hour increments.

For more information or sign up for this plan, please contact us.