Conversion-Driven Email Marketing Funnel Building

MMarketing funnel building is the nature next step after you have invested a lot of efforts on SEO, marketing campaign and other online marketing strategies. As a result, you get visitors to your website, a lot of them. What are you going to do with these visitors? How can you serve those visitors so that they decide to transact with you and eventually become your customers? What is the best way? The answer is to build relationship with the visitors of your site. But how? you might ask. Social media is a great way, but you don’t have the full control over the platform. Any algorithm updates might change your game completely. On the other hand, email list is completely YOURS. You earn the list through your hard work and people trust you and appreciate your work by giving you their emails. Therefore, creating a marketing funnel through emails is a more sustainable way to grow your business.

Once the traffic has been driven to your website, there are typically two ways leads can be captured for your marketing funnel: opt-in forms and landing pages. We help our clients implement them into their email marketing strategy.

Opt-in Forms:

Opt-in form is self-explanatory. And I bet you’ve seen them on almost every website – be it on sidebar, footer, pop-up, or embedded in the site content. They are commonly used to subscribe a newsletter, download a piece of content, or join a community. Typically, they are in a name + email format with a call-to-action button, like the one I have on this site :-). But complex opt-in forms are created to capture more information. However, be cautious that if the form is too complex, the subscribers can drop of in the middle of the sign-up process.

Landing Pages:

As the names indicates, landing page is a page that your visitors will land once they click on your offering, be it a Facebook Ad, or an Ad on Google. Compared to a regular web page, landing page has less distraction, but focused more on the offering. Compared to opt-in forms, it can include more information about your offering like benefits, testimonials, payment policy etc.

Why do you need a landing page, a quote from Omniture says it all:

Online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25% . Testing can double this number.

Source: Omniture

Landing page creation is a complex process involving research and A/B or multivariate production testing. It also depends on your objectives of the marketing strategy, overall website design, and so on. There is no one-size fits all. We provide tailored landing pages design and implementation with conversion-driven as a focus.

Opt-in forms and landing pages help you gather email subscribers. However, it is not enough to just capture email subscribers (a.k.a. leads), they need to be nurtured to become your customers. We will help you continue building email transponders, mini-courses etc. to reinforce the trust and relationship with your subscribers so that when it is time to promote your offerings, your subscribers are so familiar with your contents and style, and it is an easy decision making process to buy. After a subscriber becomes a customer, our journey will  continue to build marketing funnels for other products you might have, be it up-selling, down-selling or cross-selling.

Whether you need a help to build a email marketing strategy or just a particular funnel for your product/service/course/webinar etc. or need help on the funnel elements (opt-in forms, conversion-driven landing pages or sales pages), it is our pleasure to help! Drop us a line, and let’s build the funnel.

Build Email Marketing Strategy
Build email marketing strategy based on your business objective
Build A Funnel
Build a particular funnel for your product/service/course/webinar
Build Funnel Elements
Build funnel elements (opt-in forms, conversion-driven landing pages or sales pages) etc.